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The Issues At Hand

Ward 6 has had decades without real change.

We've seen thirty years of controversy, scandal, and a decline in public services and affordability. There's a reason for term limits. Without them, our community has been mired in scandal after scandal with little to show for it in terms of owning up and fighting for residents.

We can do better.

Donna will bring transparency where we've had coverups.

She'll fight for equity where we've faced an old guard.

She'll bring YOUR voice to the table.

A Tired Council

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It's time to go. Tom had decades to make things better but he didn't. It's time for someone with the energy and drive to do it right.


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Hamiltonians deserve to live here, but cost of living is skyrocketing and forcing people out of their homes and out of the city


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With increasing ticket fares and a transit system that leaves some people behind, it's not working. We deserve a better connected, more accessible, and more affordable transit system.



Sewage spills, unsafe roads, conflicts, the closure of Albion Falls and coverups are Tom's legacy. But it's time for a new, more transparent and community driven leader for Ward 6.

The Issues: Issues

Building on History

We can build a stronger and more transparent Council, together!

"I have been able to make a real impact elsewhere, shaking up boards and old boys clubs to drive change: Now it's time to shake up City Council. Let's do it together."

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A Guaranteed Basic Income

Donna undertook extensive research on Basic Income pilots and put together a policy proposal, which received multiple endorsements, that was successfully submitted to a National Convention.

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Equitable Representation

Donna has been involved in many (and founded) Women's Equity groups championing equitable representation of women in top jobs and in government. Both as a leader and as a team member, Donna continues to fight to empower women in our community.

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Uncovering Heritage

Donna has been involved first hand in unraveling the truth of Canada's history through learning how the residential school and orphanage system directly impacted her family. Reconnecting with this heritage as more truths are uncovered is something she is passing down to her kids.

Image by Brett Jordan

Flipping the Script & Getting it Done

Donna has a track record of shaking up stiff boards and committees. When a group has gotten stuck in a rut of doing things the old way (like City Council) and is no longer effective, Donna jumps in with forward thinking ideas that deliver. Thinking outside the box and going against the grain like this earned her recognition as a powerful change-maker in multiple areas.

The Issues: Projects
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