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Meet Donna: Bio

Meet Donna

Donna was born on the Mountain and has lived in Ward 6 for 30 years, she's raised her family here and built businesses here. She's seen the community change over the years and how City Council hasn't. She knows we can make a real positive difference and she will.

From the beginning, Donna has fought hard to help others succeed. She is community focused. From starting a hair salon, an insurance brokerage, leading support committees, managing a government office, and becoming a change-maker for Women in Politics, Donna is people-driven. Her roots are in building up others, no matter the field.

She strongly believes that even if we disagree on an issue, we can come together and build a way forward that works. It's about listening to each-other and championing real change.

Now it's time we fight together for our community. It's time to fight for Ward 6. Want real change? VOTE FOR IT!


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Making a Difference


Positive Change

Donna Puddu is proud to support and push for change throughout the community. Whether it's promoting policies like GBI or empowering others, Donna is a tireless advocate for building up her community

Fighting for Equity

Donna has been involved with a number of groups advocating for equitable representation in government. We need more women, more youth, more people of colour, and more Indigenous people in positions of power. As a mentor and a member of Women's Advocacy groups, Donna strives for change and equity

Meet Donna: Issues

Nothing about us

without us

Donna knows you can't make decisions that impact a community without involving the community in the decision. Our city is made up many incredibly vibrant and distinct cultures and experiences. She will ensure that diverse voices are included in the conversations that shape the future of Ward 6.

"You have to reach out to the people that a policy affects, because how can you create policies

that directly impact people without hearing how they feel about that decision? The community, the people

of our community, they know what we need. It's time we listen."

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